• Easy to learn - Just two rules
  • High or Low? - Pass or Play?
  • For all skill levels
  • Ideal gift for Xmas, Birthdays, Holidays
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Most gamers of any genre, usually have a selection of filler games at  hand to fill in those idle moments before and after game sessions. Here's one to add to your collection that combines fun and playability. It ticks another box too that's familiar to all gamers.

You're in a game and it's soon evident in the time that's left that you cannot win it. The beauty of Savvy as one player put it, is that you're never out of it, and you can win the game from anywhere. It can play as fast or as long as you want depending on player strategies, and it flows smoothly.

It's a ‘Push Your Luck’ card theme where the odds move between all levels of doubt and certainty. So you have the choice of how far you want the odds in your favour before you make a call. You have seen what cards have gone, so you know what to do, right? Do you play, or pass and give the next player something to think about? No thanks there! 

Mastering the fine art of 'When To Stop' wins you more games. Get it wrong and there are penalties. Get it right and you're on a roll. As you become savvy, you make better choices. So you are nearly across the line. Do you stop and play safe with what you've got? Or push a bit more and go for it?

Then there is the fantastic help from your fellow players. If you want to follow it, dream on – you’re in the wrong game. Banter is king, and some of the advice on offer would make your progress very backward indeed. Sometimes you will remember a game for the laughs you had and not the winner. User information is for ages 8+, 3-6 players and a playing time of 10-40 minutes.

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